Into The Wild #2 — Open Roads & Open Plains

Picture the road before you, see the pastoral landscapes beckoning, heed the open spaces call and take that first, gentle ride into what Nature has to offer, your acoustic guitar safely nestled on your back. This is an Americana album, composed for your inner pioneer, a soundtrack to the emotional journeys we yearn to take, the tender memories we hope to make. Beautiful, warm, intimate, sentimental, pure, these delicate tracks sometimes take a more nostalgic, melancholic path, but can also explore a tighter, tenser road. Light drums or percussion enhance the feeling of freedom. Some tracks feature strings, piano, hovering electric guitars or didgeridoo. Overall, the impression is reflective and thoughtful. Just what you need for your countryside road trips, dramas, human dramas, panoramas, romantic scenes and lonely trips into the wild, all around the planet.