Instacute Stories #3 — Sweet, Sunny & Bright

The sweetness of folk music holds magical powers, especially on social networks and TV. Ukulele and acoustic guitar convey a happy, optimistic and feelgood vibe par excellence. This album rightly overflows with bright, cheerful and heartwarming instrumentals like glockenspiel, toy percussions and marimbas, that exude positive and peaceful melodies. One can only feel hopeful and relaxed. Need to regain a little trust in better, lighter days to come? Need to infuse your content with some warm, tender and pretty extra loving care? We’ve got your back with this sunny, acoustic and naive album that speaks directly to your inner child. So relax and bask in its warmth with nothing on your mind but cuteness. Perfectly crafted for Children, Baby, Kids, Pets and Daytime TV, for home, cooking and gardening tutorials, commercials and promos, Holiday, Beach, Wildlife, and anything outdoors.