Hopes & Challenges #3 — Inspirational Pop-Rock

Bright, optimistic music can light up your images, bring unexpected hope, turn your narrative and entertainment sequences around and illustrate a sense of achievement. Encouraging wordless vocals, arpeggiated melodies, on guitars or on piano, soaring string arrangements, powerful drums, slowly rising vibes or driven, motivational and inspirational moods with irresistible crescendos and build-ups: this emotional, instrumental pop rock album is uplifting, inspired and inspiring, filled with dreams and potentials because, with the right anthemic track, the perfect pop gem, nothing is impossible. So follow your heart and give your best performance. Believe. In. Yourself. Aim for that ideal climax and that self-surpassing performance. Perfect to uplift Daytime TV programs, positive Documentaries, Corporate, Lifestyle & Leisure and Health, Insurance or Bank segments, and for any positive entrepreneurship-minded content or commercials. From customer assistance to personal life quests to Sport challenges, these tracks have your back and give us the courage we need to face the unknown.