Heavy Impact Trailers #2 – Sounds of Danger

Sound is the fabric that ties together every bit of our lives. Our new Trailer Blaze album focuses on sound design made to express the chaos and the rising dangers ahead. Tik tok tik tok goes the ticking dramatic, threatening clock. Filled with drones, percussive hits, pulsating beats, sharp sfx and intense synths, these tracks feel urgent, percussive, aggressive, tense, sharp. The massive sense of threat is imminent. The urgency, undeniable. Just like your dramas, horror films, action dramas, thrillers and basically any trailer or promo with dramatic violence and menaces. Feeling nervous? Thinking of running to find the nearest exit? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Music: Dark Grudge by Philippe Briand (SUPITR 5010)