Future Bass Songs – High Energy Summer Beats

A Future Bass album that instantly conjures the warm, bright and rising feeling of Summer? Yes, please. These songs are driven, they inspire us to move forward. The beats are big and dynamic, the sounds are modulating, undulating, syncopated, the vibe is high on energy, determined. With sfx, aerial pads, bright synth waves, hovering electric guitars, female or male vocals, or no vocals at all, just beautiful, confident and wavy melodical arrangements. Give your commercials, promos, teen programs, reality TV, holiday beach party and teen romance scenes, as well as your clubbing, party, fashion content the smooth dripping sound and the carefree songs they crave.

Hublot x Kylian Mbappé


Director: Adrien Wagner
Sound Production: KOUZ
Music: Away From Here de Romain Laupy (SUPISO 1018)