French Girls Go Yé-Yé – Iconic 60s Pop

Paris and the French Riviera in the 1960s felt like a whirlwind of tender and sweet euphoria. The exuberance and naiveté of that era was fully embodied, in France, by the musical movement named Yéyé. Yéyé because of the “yeah yeahs” inherited from the US pop and rock and roll singles of the times, bien-sûr! So there you have it: an album filled to its retro brim with cheeky, carefree, sexy, groovy and playful pop songs, en Français and with glamour, s'il-vous-plaît. While they exude, most times, a sweet sense of stylish exuberance and innocence, their mostly female-led vocals also display a seductive, sensual, or downright naughty vibe! Always happy, always fun, the Yéyés will bring their positivity to comedies, commercials, lifestyle and leisure contents, fashion segments and all films looking for a blast from the past. Mais oui, oh la la !



Director: Tala Dołgowska
Production: Warsaw Creatives
Polish Sub Publisher: Upright Music
Music: L’Amour à 100 à l’Heure by Arnaud Rignon & Sebastien Langolff (SUPISO 1014)

Little Talents SS22


Director: David Tembleque
Spanish Sub Publisher: Konga
Music: Connaissez-Vous le Nom de ce Garçon ? by Benjamin Scott & Nicolas Liesnard (SUPISO 1014)