Feelgood Folk Electro — Hikes, Cookies & DIY

The sun is shining and we feel alright, don’t we? The air is crisp and fresh, the light is reflecting against the kitchen window, the oven is warm and ready for a new batch of cookies, and the garden is blooming. These inspirational chill-house folky instrumentals bring their emotional warmth and their positive, happy, simple and optimistic quality to pretty anything you can think of. Bright, uplifting, charming and sweet like a family bike ride on a Sunday morning, they come complete with heartwarming federating vocals, handclaps, acoustic and electric guitar, celesta, glockenspiel and enthusiastic chill house four on the floor beats. They will bring movement and a dynamic energy to most Children and Daytime TV programs, Leisure & Lifestyle or Art de Vivre sequences, Tutorials, gardening and cooking segments, Nature & Wildlife documentaries, and any scene in the countryside.