Emotional Epic Trailer – Battles & Conquests

Trailers require strong, engaged and dramatic music. Emotional is the key word here. Intense or rising, heroic or panoramic, hopeful or powerful, these big uplifting themes infuse strength and beauty thanks to their orchestral arrangements: inspired, delicate piano, nervous, elegant or confident strings, menacing woodwinds and brass, sharp sfx and thrusting percs. Epic, percussive and emotional, these tracks will turn your adventure, quest, superhero, fantasy, action and drama films into masterpieces. They’ll illustrate battles and conquests, they’ll crown kings and queens, they’ll celebrate the greatest victories, they’ll even sound great as soundtracks to competitions for the best osso bucco recipe.


Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Console Release Date Reveal Trailer


Music: Epic Victory by Gabriel Saban (SUPITR 5009)