East Asia #1 – Cinematic Moods

A compilation of tradition-inspired Asian music with a modern touch, curated for narrative content. Inspired traditional instrumentals to explore the magic and beauty of Asia: the wealth of the continent, the complex cultures of Korea, Japan and China, the beautiful legends, the delicate tales… At times light, bright, smooth and dreamy, at others tense, menacing, mysterious, sparse or fragile, these Asian themes explore the breadth of emotions offered by authentic instruments such as Yangqin, Chinese flute, Koto, Zither, Dizi flute and Tibetan bowl. Combined with Asian percs, percussive hits, katana drums, aerial synths and pads, gongs, glass or synth bells, pads or bamboo stick, the tracks display a wide array of moods. Think travel, investigation, documentaries and adventure movies, leisure & lifestyle content, action. The lighter, more aerial tracks will lift relaxation, spa and wellness-related content.