Denis Levaillant — Contemporary Works #5

The brilliantly disturbed composer Denis Levaillant is in one of his moods, again. Forget smooth, this is sharp, tense jazz with an edge, the kind of irresistible and cinematic jazz that will keep you on your toes. Feeling frantic, nervous, anxiously gripping on to your chair, even? This album can do that, but also offers elegant, abstract, downright psychedelic incursions, at times. In the hands of this trio, the piano is tense, the drums are lively and contrasted, the double-bass is urgent and on speed. These are tracks that exude such a dramatic quality, such a premium understanding of the way experimental can expand into the dark, the desolate, but also simply go towards the weird, the mysterious, that they already feel like contemporary classics. A great fit for Art House, Horror, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Chases, Comedy, Contemporary Art, Culture, Danse, Film Noir, Avant Garde, documentaries, art house indie film and more.