Denis Levaillant — Contemporary Works #4

Contemporary composer Denis Levaillant is back again with his personal and eccentric brand of strange. He sometimes gives in to his knack nervous, curious, slapstick-inspired, mischievous and quirky atmospheres. In addition to strings and brass, this fourth volume sometimes uses the accordion, woodwinds & drums. There is gloom and mystery, as well as internal chaos and turmoil in these modern, sometime dissonant, gripping compositions. Need a dose of depressing and fearful? A touch of weird and anxious? Levaillant’s complex work offers a sinister match made in hell for all your psychological Dramas, and your Horror, Thriller, Art House movies. And his more hectic, contemporary, more comedic moods are perfect for any Experimental, Art & Essai, Nouvelle Vague, Film Noir and European film scenes. Also ideally suited for cuckoo commercials, Contemporary Art, existential Theater and discombobulated Dance segments.