Christian Gentet — Double Bass Works #2

Christian Gentet tackles the double bass again with his mesmerizing, sensitive and disconcerting approach. Using a variety of string techniques, from arch playing to pizzicato, choking, slapping, stroking or muting, Gentet gives birth to breath, flute and other eerie sounds. The composer’s prowess on the double bass is nothing short of haunting and feels like an introspective journey. Expect ominous, hectic or strange pieces with light, gentle or passionate drums that ignite your senses with their oddness. At times hectic, at others, spiritual, sacred even, these feel like neo-classical film scores at their best. You’ll be enthralled and not understand why. That’s the power of a good soundtrack, and these will do wonders on Contemporary Art, Culture, Dance, Film Noir, Avant Garde, documentaries, art house indie films, Drama, Tragedy, Art House, Mystery, and more.