Christian Gentet — Double Bass Works #1

There’s something in the air that spells out all kinds of weird. With his upright bass, his double bass (or both) Gentet somehow manages to redefine the instrument’s capacities beyond the expected. Picked. Bowed. Tapped. At times suspenseful, nervous, anxious. These bass tracks also conjure excitement, mystery and a dreamlike, sensual quality. From classical to contemporary, the French composer also playfully embraces occasional modern beats. These strings elevate human dramas, documentaries, avant-garde art house films and ambitious cultural or contemporary art scenes with sustained tension or inspiration.

VOGUE SCANDINAVIA / Conversation of Love Lost – The Unrequited Love


Director: Sheila Johansson

Production: new—land)

Music: Dreamy Intermission by Christian Gentet (SUPIAS 4016)

Scandinavian Sub-Publisher: Upright Music