China #2 – Cinematic Moods

Asia, the continent, continues to provide inspirations and dreams. This album focuses on China’s tradition-inspired musical heritage with a modern touch, curated specifically for narrative content. Mysterious and tender, Chinese music is also, intrinsically, beautiful and delicate. The use of kettle gongs, harp, erhu, ganza, celestial percussions, bamboo sticks, wooden snaps, yangqin, koto, bamboo flute, glass organ, light sparse percs and other local instruments help infuse these tracks with the authenticity we crave. These instrumentals are suspenseful, warm, aerial, light and dreamy. They feel like echoes of distant journeys and drive us along their unusual paths. Scenes from the East, Eastern topics, global content, travel pieces, human documentaries and travel documentaries will shine. Asian tales, Chinese traditions, legends, movies and adventures will come to life.