Art Gallery — Free-Form Jazz by Denis Levaillant

Contemporary French composer Denis Levaillant and his particular brand of free-form jazz have become regular fixtures at SuperPitch. This refined, art-minded album explores further his relentless knack for the frantic, the moody, the strange, and gives freedom a new meaning. With the double-bass, the piano or drum solos as his backbones, Levaillant’s nervous, frantic and dark compositions build turmoil and stir multiple layers of tension and hopelessness. Expect to feel drama, anxiety, fear, chaos, elegance, disorientation, and a touch of sensuality and elegance. The dissonance and melancholia that revel within the confines of this Levaillant’s work will work their eerie magic in any decent or decadent art gallery, but will do great for your horror films, dramas, supernatural and hallucination-induced scenes, art house films, human dramas, psychological dramas, and more. Brace yourselves.