All About Double Bass #2 — Playful & Vintage Detective

This is a seriously groovy jazz album that doesn’t take itself seriously. This cool, so cool album is filled with positive, warm, fun jazz instrumentals, as well as some hovering, reflective and emotional pieces, for balance. These tracks border on the burlesque, have their own swag and flirt with the quirky side of life. They are meant to add some groove to the mystery, some fun to the rising tension. And, oooh yeah, baby, you’ll find the occasional finger snaps. With their dynamic, stealthy walking or hovering double bass lines, their lively, subtle or driving drums, these mischievous tracks will positively tip-toe their way into your vintage detective world. Perfect for comedy, dramedy, mystery, cartoons and daytime TV programs, vintage-oriented content and programs you want to groove up without weighing them down.