Africa #1 – Modern Folk Journeys

Folk, by essence, finds its roots in the depth and authenticity of musical traditions. These roots, enriched by evolving cultures and local histories, are different from one country to the next. These repetitive, reflective, nostalgic or hopeful tracks dig deep to each find their soulful, emotional grounds. As it takes you on a journey across Indian, African, Native American, South American or even Celtic territories, this album is meant to unearth the light that shines within. At times tense, at others suspenseful, always inspiring, each composition travels truthfully, with acoustic guitars, local instruments such as flutes, marimbas, woodwinds, and evocative vocals, choirs sustained by light beats or percussions. Infuse your documentaries, travel pieces, world travel and global contents, countryside scenes, landscapes, romance dramas, and human dramas with the raw truth found in folk music from around the globe.