60's Feelgood Pop — Groove me, Baby

The swinging 60's were exciting, and paved the way to the psychedelic movement. Everyone swayed and rock and rolled and got their groove on. The party atmosphere - and the music that went with it - was at once upbeat, positive, cool, trippy and euphoric, with a strong dose of flirtatious, sexy, glamourous and exhilarating. Bouncy organs, driving bass lines, wild drum beats, twangy or fuzzy guitars, fun wordless vocals… Get the jukebox going, clap your hands, push the tables and dance the jerk, the twist or anything you fancy! These retro vintage instrumentals tracks will work their magic, whether you’re looking to sprinkle a dash of sophisticated romance, in the mood for a more relaxed feel-good vibe, or even in need of some comic, playful relief. Perfect for Comedies, Bar & Pub scenes, Sixties Parties, Fashion or Lifestyle & Leisure segments, any scene set in the 70's, 60's or late 50's, scenes with psychedelic and hippy vibes, and a lot more.


Director: Julian Nodolwsky
Production: SOVAGE
Agency: Steve
Sound Production: Kouz
: Sixties Crazy by Vasily Igor (SUPIST_3029)