50's & 60's Vintage Rock — Badass Jukebox Swag

The 50's and the early 60's find an original and swinging revival with these rousing, confident instrumental tracks that maintain a constant level of badass swag. Catchy rockabilly and twangy blues guitar riffs, seductive rhythms, unleashed drums and the sound of yesterday: the perfect recipe for a retro drive across America, with a quick stop by an original, beaten-down diner with an authentic vintage jukebox, between two street gang switchblade fights. This is music made to bring out a raw, raunchy, boisterous, raucous and rebellious feeling. We’ve also sprinkled this album with some tender, positive and lively vibes, because feelgood rock feels great. These lively tracks will best find their place in Old School Films, Grindhouse Movies, B Movies, Road Movies, Teenage Movies, Comedy, Drama, Restaurant and Bar scenes, lifestyle & leisure segments, and anything relating to Cars, Motorcycles and Vintage Topics in general.