SuperPitch is an independent Music House founded and directed by Kouz, an international leader in sound design and music production.

From finding that one ideal track in our own catalog to cratedigging for the perfect sync or producing striking and original compositions, depending on what your project requires, trust that we’ve got the talent and the means. 

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Pull & Bear

PULL&BEAR – Because Art is for Everyone


Music: Rascal Groove by Nicolas Deutsch (SUPIDR 21) 
Spain Sub-Publisher: Konga

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The Dawn


Writer & Director: N.P. Novack
Production: 2425 films & The Makers
Executive Producer & Sound Supervision: Kouz
Sound Design & Mix: Sylvain Pierre
Music: Black Vision by Tony …

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Leclerc – Mouvement


Agency: BETC
Director: H5/Loudovic Houplain
Production: Jungler
Sound Production: Kouz
Music supervision: SuperPitch
Music: Take it Slow by Amber Quintero & Scott Feldman (SUPI 29) 

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