Hybrid Classical Trailer — Baroque on Speed

What do you get when you mix the grandiosity of orchestral classical music and the raging inspiration of powerful trailer-minded arrangements? Hybrid grandeur, tailor-made for advertising trailers and promos of all kinds. In a bold blend of 17th and 18th-century influences, baroque harpsichord and whirlwinding strings are combined with risers, thundering impacts, sub-booms and sweep FX drums, these instrumentals are epic, majestic, determined, monumental, and downright power-infused. They will also give a imperious sense of build-up or cinematic gravitas to your audacious Period pieces or Fantasy movies, War scenes, action & adventure, sagas, award shows, Showbiz content, Corporate and Drama Films, Reality TV sequences.

Killing Diana


Production: Streetcar Entertainment

Distribution: Tubi TV

Music: The Tempest by Gabriel Saban (SUPITR 5001)