SuperPitch is an independent Music House with a solid and edgy artistic direction by award-winning Kouz founders and directors Thomas & Grégoire Couzinier. SuperPitch focuses on high-quality craft as well as a strong creative vision for each album, EP or Artist Series, and takes pride in being a clearly artist-driven and off-field record label. We provide solid directions and encourage cross-boundary compositions that lie between “commercial music” and “production music”.
Because we are used to producing a vast array of original and bespoke music for commercial and feature films, we know what filmmakers, producers and art directors need way better than your usual lot. So far, we’ve produced cutting-edge pop, folk and electronic tracks but are already busy expanding our production to score and far-out musical cues!

In addition to the SuperPitch catalogue, feel free to check out our new collection labels: SuperPitch Drama, SuperPitch Entertainment, SuperPitch EP & SuperPitch Artist Series.

SuperPitch Drama
This is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to organic and dramatic cues, with strong cinematographic content that will push your emotions off the edge. Ideally crafted for narrative programs such as documentary, corporate films and fiction.
Expect beautiful strings and scores, atmosphere & music bed: the Drama collection will become the ultimate toolbox you were waiting for to build perfect sonic narratives.

SuperPitch Entertainment
This is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to 100% feelgood music, with a creative and quirky touch. It’s the perfect library for TV and radio programs that demand that extra dose of fun! As with most of SuperPitch’s releases, a majority of the tracks produced for our Entertainment collection is handcrafted in our in-house studio to provide you with the highest standard in music production.

SuperPitch EP
SuperPitch’s EP label makes it possible for us to react quickly, to ignite and complete projects in the snap of (y)our fingers and to anticipate both expectations and trends. It’s got the kind of tracks that’ll end up in your iPod. On repeat. Super sync-friendly, SuperPitch produces every kinda music for every kinda people with, as always, the highest of standards.

SuperPitch Artist Series
This is where we put out our full-length, artistic and ambitious albums. These records are usually made by musicians who are not your usual pack-of-the-library rats. We brief them, we give them time and space, and bam, sparks fly and great music happens.


Armani Code with “Barker” by Harshman

Armani Crema Nera with “ARI

Fondation de France with “Blaze of Glory” by Spottiswoode

Hermes with “Left hand Swing” from our Piano solo album

US TV series Kindown S2EP09  “Blaze of Glory” by Spottiswoode

US TV series The Magicians S1EP05  “Dans l’Jeu” by Blackmo The Hyper

Volvic  Eruption with “Trial Combat By” by Sandy Lavallart

Activia/Danone with Always On The Run by Frederic Kooshmanian

Louis XIII with Suspended Time by Frederic Kooshmanian

and many more….


The Passing Of Time wonBest use of Music Production in Digital Advertising at the Mark Awards (2017)

Summer Dance won Best EDM Track at the Mark Awards (2017)

The Art Of Progress (Robin Leclair Remix) won Best use of Music Production in Digital Advertising at PMA London (2017)

Blaze Of Glory won Best use of Music Production in a TV Drama at the Mark Awards (2016)

All I Got won Best Country Song at the Mark Awards (2016)

The Arch won Best Folk Song at the Library Music Award (2015)

Timeout by Harshman won Best Dance Track at the Mark Awards (2015)