Electronic Makeover — 4 Year Anniversary Remixes

Need a little pick-me-up? Here’s a selection of remixes taken from songs and acoustic gems from the SuperPitch catalog. From old-school breakbeat moods circa 2000 to trendier electronica, from upbeat to driven, these tracks revisit the large scope of electro-pop, folk, trip-hop and big beat.

Director: Maria Schrader
Production: Studio Airlift / Real Film Berlin Gmbh
Distributor: Netflix
Music: “Dancing at the Bal Musette (Theophile Moussouni Remix)” by Daniel Beja from the album “Electronic Makeover”
German Sub-Publisher: Sonoton Music

Director: Grégory Magne
Production: Les Films Velvet
Co-Production: France 3 Cinéma
Music: 0’00-0’25 “Dixie Pigalle (Gary Waitzmann Remix)” by Daniel Beja from the album “Electronic Makeover”